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Honor your dear pet with a stunning pendant in which some of his or her ashes are sealed into a beautiful glass "  stone".  Each piece of pet memorial jewelry is expertly hand crafted by our artist.

Sweet Potato Vine Leaf
Pet memorial jewelry
The leaf is a natural heart shape

Welcome to our pet memorial jewelry web site!
We create pet memorial jewelry by permanently fusing beloved pets' ashes within art glass.  The resulting "stones" are then attached to a hand-made, artist-designed pendant made of .999 pure silver.

Design your own pet memorial jewelry
You select the type of stone and the design of the silver setting on which the stone is placed.  Your piece of  pet memorial jewelry will reflect your preference  and taste.

Each piece of pet memorial jewelry consists of two separate components.  They are the stone and the silver setting on which the stone will be placed.

It is in the stone that the pet's ashes are sealed.  Each stone is made from three layers of art glass.  When assembling the pieces of glass to produce the stone we coat the ashes with a luminescent material and place them between the layers.  They are then fired in a high temperature kiln.  When removed from the kiln the layers of glass have melted together producing a beautiful glass stone. 


You can choose from a variety of colors of this glass to determine the color of the stone in your pet memorial jewelry.  (To see these pictures click on the Design Ideas button on the left).

In normal light the stone on your pet memorial jewelry will appear as it does in the pictures.  While in this light the luminescent material causes the ashes to absorb light energy and later, in darkness, the ashes give off this light in the form of a  soft and soothing glow.


The stones are designed to look like a beautiful night sky, when in darkness.  For this reason, we have named our pet memorial jewelry StarSparks.

The second component of our pet memorial jewelry is the silver setting.  Each setting is hand crafted using silver art clay which can be molded into virtually any shape with any texture desired.  When this clay has dried it is placed in the high temperature kiln and fired at 1400 degrees.  This heat burns off the binders in the clay leaving .999 pure silver.

Most of the settings for our pet memorial jewelry have reflected something from nature such as leaves, shells, butterflies, starfish, etc.  However, many designs have been created to meet the desires of the client who placed the order.  (To see some of these, browse through our Design Ideas section (button on left), or visit our Starseed Gems website at

See Lynn at work
You might like to see some of the steps that Lynn uses to create memorial jewelry and hear her explain what she is doing.   Malcolm Denemark of the Florida Today newspaper made a short video which is available for viewing.

Lynn creating a memorial pendant

See Lynn at work You might like to see some of the steps that Lynn uses to create memorial jewelry and hear her explain what she is doing. Malcolm Denemark of the Florida Today newspaper made a short video which is available for viewing.

Sonar...A really Good Dog....
One of our inspirations for creating pet memorial jewelry.

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Our prices for pendants

The design, pictured below, is called, "Simplest Setting."  It is approximately 3/4" long and is wrapped in fine silver. The shape of the stone can be adjusted to an oval or a circle. This design is priced at $150.00

For a limited time we are offering the sterling lockets (pictured below) for $200.

All custom designed pendants are $250.00.

pet memorial jewelry
The Simplest Setting Pendant

For our clients who wish to have a locket Edit Text

Because some clients would like to have a locket we purchased  these sterling silver hinged settings.  They are 925 solid silver, and have two areas that will hold photos,prayers, or a memory item.  Each round version, 1.5" long, we will finish with a custom made StarSeed Gems stone on each side.  One stone will be 8 x 10 oval surrounded by 10 tiny white diamonds totalling .03carats. The flip side of the pendant will hold a 10mm round custom StarSeed Gems stone.  Both stones are client color-choice, and will contain ashes.  Stones are backset in the pendant, and the pendant must be removed from the cord in order to be opened.  These are safety features to prevent loss of the stones and contents.  The heart-shaped pendant is 1 and 1/4" long, and has 10 tiny diamonds totalling .04carats. Both of these lockets are in very short supply, as we only purchased a few.  When they are gone, we will remove them from the website.  Priced at: $200 complete with StarSeed Stones and diamonds.


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